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With many years of experience maintaining all types of aircraft, Executive Aircraft Resources has the expertise to complete an expansive range of work scopes.

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Aircraft Buyer Representation

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The process of contracting to purchase an aircraft has never been more complicated than today. The extremely high consumption of business aircraft has created a shortage of supply and therefore a backlog on assembly lines of every business aircraft that is in current production. In a majority of cases, waiting times are ranging from 3 to 5 years from order until delivery. While buying a pre-owned aircraft can...

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Purchase Price Negotiation

Aircraft manufacturers have the understandable goal of maximizing revenues and therefore use terms such as “Base Price”, “List Price”, “Firm Price”, etc. There is often the perception that these prices are non-negotiable. In most cases, this is simply not true. DJI has relationships with every aircraft manufacturer. We have proprietary market data and buying power that gives our executives the leverage to negotiate significant discounts on the final price paid for a factory-new aircraft. We want our clientele to benefit from our history of buying new aircraft at discounted prices.

Purchase Agreement Representation

Buyers are being asked to make very large contractual deposits that are non-refundable, all with the understanding that the asset will not deliver for several years. Additionally, current manufacturer purchase agreements are frequently complicated and frequently do not afford the buyer reasonable protections in the purchase process. There are often contract price escalators based on the Consumer Price Index that can be quite confusing. Executive Aircraft Resources is experienced in representing our clientele so that the purchase contract is fair and protective of their interests.

Aircraft Specifications and Options

The aircraft specification process entails a multitude of decisions on the exact equipment and options that will be factory-installed by the manufacturer. Deciding specifications is a very complicated and expensive process that requires technical expertise and an understanding of the buyer’s ultimate operating environment, including the aviation laws of the region where the buyer is operating. Optional equipment is often very beneficial, but some optional equipment can have a very poor return on investment and should be avoided in certain cases.

Interior and Exterior Completion Management

Executive Aircraft Resources has extensive experience in managing the process of outfitting an aircraft with an interior and exterior. In certain cases with certain manufacturers, aircraft are delivered “green”, meaning they have an unfinished exterior and interior. The “completion” process involves selecting a qualified vendor to “finish” the airplane. This process can have a cost in the millions, and it must be managed wisely by a professional with experience in interior and exterior completions.

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