Aircraft Management

Executive Aircraft Resources offers a comprehensive aircraft management program that combines experience, safety and reliability to provide a solution customized to your individual aviation needs. You’ll realize all the advantages of having your own in-house flight department without the responsibility or overhead.

At Executive Aircraft Resources, expertise stems from many years of experience managing all types of aircraft domestically and internationally. This proven expertise allows Executive Aircraft Resources to deliver a virtually effortless aviation experience and one that is beyond compare.

What type of aircraft does Executive Aircraft Resources manage?

We manage a wide array of business aircraft ranging from turbo-prop to ultra-long range business jets and business airliners.

What if I would like my aircraft base of operation somewhere other than Executive Aircraft Resources headquarters?

We specialize in remote aircraft management. Our organizational support structure allows you to capitalize on a worldwide selection of locations to serve as your base of operations.

What is Executive Aircraft Resources stance of safety?

At Executive Aircraft Resources, every aspect of our operations revolves around our steadfast commitment to safety. In fact, the importance placed on safety standards and processes is at the forefront of the Executive Aircraft Resources culture for every employee. Our team has decades of experience meeting rigorous private jet safety standards and we are committed to continuously evaluating our safety programs. Our mission is to consistently exceed established industry standards, ensuring your aviation experience is safe and secure.

Executive Aircraft Resources provides reliable aviation management services for business aircraft owners and operators.

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